Thursday, January 9, 2020

Leonard Cohen Anthology

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Leonard Cohen Anthology Details

(P/V/G Composer Collection). This thick collection includes 43 favorites penned by legendary singer-songwriter, poet, novelist and iconoclast Leonard Cohen. Includes: Ain't No Cure for Love * Avalanche * Bird on a Wire * Chelsea Hotel #2 * (No) Diamonds in the Mine * Famous Blue Raincoat * The Guests * I'm Your Man * Jazz Police * Joan of Arc * Lady Midnight * A Singer Must Die * Sisters of Mercy * So Long, Marianne * Suzanne * Take This Longing * Tower of Song * You Know Who I Am * and more.


A good representation of Cohen's earlier work; none of his later stuff. Bare-bones treatment of the songs, which are scored for piano (guitar chords are also shown, but not tablature), and the right hand faithfully carries the melody. The flavor of the songs is captured (at least the ones I've played), the chords and chord changes are correct, but you may feel a need to embellish. I consider myself an intermediate player and can sight-read these songs easily, as they're scored. But most of the songs, though the earliest arrangement were simple indeed, are really too simple for piano. An acoustically recorded, guitar-based song does not translate, without some thought and care, into a good piano arrangement, and a lot of the songs could be (and at this price, should be) fleshed out for piano. It appears to me that this songbook was more or less slapped together for commercial purposes, and I think that a lot of Cohen's poetry and music deserve better than this.


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