Thursday, January 9, 2020

Color Groovy

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Color Groovy Details

From the Author Hello, colorists! This book, Color Groovy is based on my art instruction book for kids, Draw Groovy, which was published in 2014 by F+W Media. You'll notice that Color Groovy looks different than my other coloring books - that's because it was created by a different publisher and also because I wasn't able to have a direct hand in creating this book, due to a non-compete clause in my existing coloring book contracts. Instead, a designer converted the art from Draw Groovy into coloring book art, creating whimsical patterns and fun designs from my Draw Groovy owls, mushrooms, sugar skulls, and more! If you're accustomed to the style of my other coloring books, I'd suggest clicking on "Look Inside" to see some example pages and also check out the pics posted in the Customer Reviews section to see if this book is right for you.Thank you for your interest in my coloring books! Wishing you all the best!~ Thaneeya Read more About the Author Professional artist Thaneeya McArdle is the creator of the best-selling 13-title "Design Originals" coloring book series from Fox Chapel Publishing. She is the author and illustrator of two art instruction books, "Draw Groovy" and "The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art Book". Based in Florida, she works in painting, drawing, and mixed media, with a special focus on vibrantly detailed whimsical art. Thaneeya (pronounced "tuh-nee-yuh") operates, an art instruction website. Read more


Today was a happy day for me when I saw my new Thaneeya coloring book in the mailbox!! I'm a big fan of her coloring books for a number of reasons. Firstly, of course - the images! The books always give me options. There are some crazy ones with tons and tons of little spaces to color, but there are also some that are larger scale and have more whitespace (ie are easier to tackle) options. The images always have a fun and hippy vibe to them as well.Secondly, I'm a fan of her publisher. The books are nicely done on high quality heavy weight paper, one sided, AND perforated for easy removal. That last one is a big thing as who wants to color a page and be running into the spine all the time?! Admittedly more of an issue for lefties like me - but, still, irksome for anyone trying to get their coloring *zen* on. :)This book has a range of crazy full page detailed flower spreads, larger paisley designs, and some birds/teapots/ butterflies/mushrooms thrown in for good measure. Some of the images cover the entire page and some are a bit smaller. I actually think this book has more small/intricate designs in it than I normally see from Thaneeya books. That's cool with me though as I enjoy all her images, I just find the styling so relaxing and fun to color.Two thumbs up for another great coloring book from my favorite artist. *Sample images from the book provided with the artist's permission! Note - I am excited to see that this book has a look inside feature with the listing so you can get a better idea of the content before ordering. I haven't seen that from her books before.*


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