Sunday, January 5, 2020

Canaletto: A Supplement to the Catalogue Raisonne

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Canaletto: A Supplement to the Catalogue Raisonne Details

Constable/Links, as it is universally known in the trade and in the museum world, is one of the most celebrated and respected of all catalogues raisonnés. First published in 1962, the fruit of over 40 years of research by W. G. Constable, it was handed over to J.G. Links in 1969 for a second edition. Since then a great deal of new material has come to light—lost and hitherto unknown paintings have surfaced, as well as receipts from Canaletto's English years and much other documentary material. J.G. Links collected all this new information in a supplement to the catalogue. On a number of paintings he has also written small essays which illuminate the current state of Canaletto scholarship; and his conclusions are expressed in a wide-ranging introduction. All the new paintings, and much fresh comparative material, are illustrated in 48 pages of plates.



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